K Kortteliliiga 2024 - In English
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K Kortteliliiga 2024 - In English

Kortteliliiga offers an easy way to start your football journey! This football league is meant for kids between the ages of 5-10 (born between 2014-2019). Anybody can join in, regardless of previous experience. Practises are held once in a week (between Monday and Thursday). Idea is to learn and practice the very basics of football and also to enjoy playing our favorite sport together!

Kortteliliiga is organized by JyPK-JJK Juniorit and FC Vaajakoski.

Application forms:

Entry fee: Kortteliliigas entry fee is 169€.

Entry fee includes:

  • Guided practices
  • Shirt and shorts
  • Football
  • Insurance and license

Equipment can be retrieved from our office at Viitaniemi Sport center (address Kisakatu 18). You can contact us at kortteliliiga@jjk.fi to arrange the retrieval of the equipment.

Practises: Practices will start on Monday 20.5. They will be once a week on a specific field (you can see our JyPK-JJK Juniors fields in the application form). During the summer we will have two week break from our practices during the weeks 28 and 29. During those week there will NOT be any practices. Practices will resume on the week 30. Last week of our practices is the week 36. After that our summer season ends and autumn begins.

Equipment: Clothes should be suitable for the weather and comfortable to move with. Some of the fields will be on artificial grass, some on gravel, so you can use your outdoor football boots. Proper football shoes shin guards are also highly recommended but still optional. You can also use normal sneakers.

Games: During the summer there will be 4 gamedays. They are sat 8.6, sat 6.7, sat 10.8 ja sun 8.9. You will receive more information closer to the first gameday.

Insurance/Gamepass: Everybody who has registered and payed the entry fee before 5.5. will have their insurance/gamepass active at the beginning of the season. Players are not allowed to participate to the gamedays and will have a inactive insurance/gamepass if they haven’t paid the entry fee on time.


Jere Knaapila